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Local Outreach

Local Outreach

Local Outreach at Pennington Park exists to help you multiply as you seek to better know Jesus and make him known. We desire to come alongside our people as they do the work of evangelism by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of their friends, family, neighbors, and community. Due to COVID-19 concerns and social-distancing restrictions, more specific needs have arisen in the city of Fishers and Hamilton County. Here are some ways you can help out:

Volunteer with Strategic Organizations

Several organizations and non-profits are providing much needed care in Hamilton County in order to combat the social, economical, and medical effects of COVID-19. View the City of Fishers' volunteer opportunities to find ways you can contribute and meet the greater needs of our community.

Donate to a Local Food Pantry

Because COVID-19 has caused an economic disruption across the country, many families and individuals in Hamilton County have become food insecure, causing a greater demand for local food pantries to be well-supplied. Learn more about local food pantries and find ways to contribute by clicking one of the links below:

Support Local Businesses

Due to necessary regulations at this time, many small businesses in Fishers and Hamilton County have suffered from decreased patronage, including retail shops, salons, barbershops, and fitness centers. As much as is possible, we encourage our congregation to direct their support to these types of business during and after any local or state-wide travel restrictions. If you are a full-time business owner in our congregation, please fill out our Small Business Owner Form so we can direct our congregation to support you.

Make or Donate Medical Equipment

With the increased demand for personal protective equipment (PPE), local hospitals and medical facilities are in low supply of much needed items such as hair coverings, face masks, and gloves. You can donate PPE to Community North caregivers by completing their online donation form or give to St. Vincent Fishers by calling 317-415-9000. You can also make homemade face masks by following these helpful instructions provided by Community Health Network.

Be a Good Neighbor

Although travel restrictions have limited many of us to our homes, our neighbors are only a few steps away and may need our support now more than ever! Remember to check in on those living near you, and find ways you can demonstrate the love and care of Christ. Write an encouraging note, exchange phone numbers, offer to make a grocery run, or invite them to view our online worship service on Sundays.