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Men and Women

Men and Women

We believe God has designed both men and women as unique, complementary parts which provide distinct gifts and roles to the body of Christ. These gifts and roles are best realized as men and women participate alongside one another in Sunday morning services and small groups. Therefore, our ultimate purpose in offering men’s and women’s ministries is to grow in our understanding of God’s Word so that we can better live out its truths together.

Women's Ministry

Women's Ministry exists to provide a Christ-centered environment for knowing who God is and one another, growing deeper in his Word and prayer, and going together into the community to serve others.

In addition to Sunday morning corporate worship and small groups, women's discipleship groups, Bible studies, and events are also offered.

Discipleship Groups focus on maturing women of our church in their Christian walks. Our Women of the Word: In the World Bible studies provide an opportunity for women to grow deeper in God's word while engaging other women outside of our church walls. Women's events seek to create relationships intergenerationally for the purpose of unifying the body through a sense of connecting and belonging.

Men's Ministry

Men’s Ministry at Pennington Park exists for men to grow in their walk with Jesus and develop meaningful relationships with other men. This goal is accomplished through participation in Sunday morning corporate worship and small groups. Men’s Bible studies and events are also offered throughout the year which focus on understanding and rigorously applying God’s Word to our lives.