Mission & Strategy

Our Mission

At College Park Fishers, our mission is simple. We want to ignite a passion to follow Jesus. This passion for Jesus begins by understanding the central message of the entire Bible: Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the Father except through him (John 14:6). Our church exists to proclaim this simple but life-transforming reality across all of Fishers, Hamilton County, and the globe.

Our Strategy

How do we make our mission a reality? At College Park Fishers, we have a three-part strategy that helps you engage our mission and fulfill what God has called you to as a follower of Christ.


We’re meant to do life together. When we commit to walk with other believers, we become a community, not a crowd. At College Park Fishers, we belong primarily through small groups, covenant membership, and participation in Sunday morning gatherings.


Whether you’ve been following Jesus for five days or 50 years, we’re all called to grow and become more like him. Some of the ways you can grow at College Park Fishers include Adult Equipping Classes, Bible studies, and serving teams.


Jesus not only saves us from our sins but sends us, by the Holy Spirit, to multiply his Church. Fulfilling this mission involves investing our lives into the lives of others by sharing the gospel, engaging in discipleship, and supporting global missions.